Glasses MIA

No glasses for Bubba yet. They got my hopes up when they said there was a chance we could have then as early as (last Friday). Hopefully tomorrow then.

We got a new sliding glass door installed last week. Today I learned that it glides smoothly enough for Bubba to open if it is started just a little bit!

I am moving to the dark side! I’ve picked out an electric toothbrush to order. Hubby has used an electric toothbrush for a while but I’ve resisted getting one for some reason or another.  Unfortunately my gums are getting in bad shape so I’m hoping to do a better job with an electric toothbrush and a water pick before anything serious happens. Hygiene of all matters went downhill for a while after Bubba was born since there wasn’t enough time or energy in the day and my gums are showing the repercussions. We’re also talking about getting one for Bubba to use as well since the actual brushing motion doesn’t seem to be his strong point right now. His pediatrician said we should just hold him down and brush hood teeth ourselves. It seems like a terrible idea to take away his enjoyment of the process instead of trying to find a better way while we still can. Plus at this point he clenches his lips closed when I try to help him so I’m not sure how well one can actually force a toddler to get their teeth brushed.

So, do you use a regular toothbrush or an electric?