Potty Training Update

Bubba is making improvements with his bladder control. If there is a lot going on, he doesn’t want to sit on the potty and has accidents. But this morning he got up at and used the potty at about 7:40 and then held it all the way to the doctor’s office and through the first part of his exam. We put him on the toilet in the rest room and he did not want to go or sit there. After a couple of minutes we gave up and figured he would have an accident before we got him back on. We were waiting for his eyes to get dilated so just before our time was up, we tried again and I was surprised to find him still dry! He actually used the potty that time when we sat him on it. That was almost two hours of holding it. The between the rest of the exam, driving to the bakery to get food, and driving home was another two hours. I put him on the potty at home, against expecting he would be wet. He was dry and immediately used the potty! We all sat down to eat our lunch and during lunch he started indicating he was going trying to poop so I grabbed him out of his chair and got him on the potty before anything happened. He made it all in the potty. All in all I’m really impressed with him today!

He still isn’t indicating that he has to go, but his ability to hold it is increasing and occasionally we find him pulling on his clothes which seems to be an indicator that he has to go. Sometimes he will sit on the potty with his clothes on and once we help him out of his pants he will go. I feel like we are making a definite improvement. We are looking into getting a travel potty to help him be more comfortable on big toilets when we’re out and about. I found one that is usable on big toilet seats and can also be converted into a small potty if you use a bag with it. Other than being slightly larger than the foldable ones I’ve seen, it seems to be an ideal combination. We can leave it in the trunk if we’ve been running about and have an easy option for him to use. I think discomfort is a big issue with him not wanting to use toilets in restrooms. If I didn’t feel stable, I wouldn’t want to sit and relax long enough to do my business either. Carrying around something to use on toilets isn’t my idea of fun, but I think in the long run it will be for the best.