Bubba Bullets

-He fell down the stairs for real this week. He has tumbled down one or two a few times but always near the bottom so while I felt bad for him being hurt I wasn’t worried. This time I had walked downstairs to let the dogs out and open the curtains when I heard him start tumbling. My heart dropped but by the time I made it to the stairs he had rolled all the way to the bottom and bumped into his chair sitting near the bottom. He cried and clung to me. Considering how far he fell he seemed to be none the worse for the wear and no bruises have shown up.
-He’s had his glasses for about 2 weeks now. It’s still hit or miss whether he will keep them on. I am constantly wiping the lenses for him since it seems like he will want to wear them less if they are smudged. I’m glad they have a 2 year warranty even though he usually hands them to me when he takes them off. I can see them being left on the floor and getting stepped on or chewed on by the dogs.
-We got a sand and water table from Craigslist for $26. He loves it. With water, without water, whatever. No sand yet. We may just do rocks for now. Hev really enjoys moving water around and watching it drip.
-He sleeps through the night! It’s a miracle considering how long he didn’t. It’s nice to know now that if he is not sleeping something is wrong out of the ordinary.
-Learning to use the potty is still hit or miss. One time I swear he signed potty but he has not repeated it. Sometimes he holds it for 2 plus hours and other times I can’t catch a break keeping him dry.
-His first swim class is tomorrow!
-We are learning body parts. He will show me his nose and belly button, and sometimes his mouth. He finds it fun to shove his finger into my belly button as far as he can.
-He loves going outside and is getting over his hesitancy to leave my side. He is very comfortable wandering the back yard and will independently check out things in the front yard or at the park. On the other hand, he is a good hand holder 98% of the time while we walk. He walked all the way to the grocery store yesterday and pushed our small folding cart over half way which was really cute.
-Getting used to the electric toothbrush is still a work in progress. The funny thing is that he is much more willing to let me brush his teeth now while he plays with it. So sometimes he brushes his own and sometimes we brush with either the regular toothbrush while he plays with the other.
-He climbs easily into our kitchen (folding chairs) and can reach thingson the table. Yesterday he realized if he pushed the chair to the counter he can access more stuff. And then today, he realized his car can help him reach the top of our tv stand!


Glasses MIA

No glasses for Bubba yet. They got my hopes up when they said there was a chance we could have then as early as (last Friday). Hopefully tomorrow then.

We got a new sliding glass door installed last week. Today I learned that it glides smoothly enough for Bubba to open if it is started just a little bit!

I am moving to the dark side! I’ve picked out an electric toothbrush to order. Hubby has used an electric toothbrush for a while but I’ve resisted getting one for some reason or another.  Unfortunately my gums are getting in bad shape so I’m hoping to do a better job with an electric toothbrush and a water pick before anything serious happens. Hygiene of all matters went downhill for a while after Bubba was born since there wasn’t enough time or energy in the day and my gums are showing the repercussions. We’re also talking about getting one for Bubba to use as well since the actual brushing motion doesn’t seem to be his strong point right now. His pediatrician said we should just hold him down and brush hood teeth ourselves. It seems like a terrible idea to take away his enjoyment of the process instead of trying to find a better way while we still can. Plus at this point he clenches his lips closed when I try to help him so I’m not sure how well one can actually force a toddler to get their teeth brushed.

So, do you use a regular toothbrush or an electric?

First Basket

ImageI’ve retreated upstairs to eat my chocolate and type a blog entry in peace. I started opening up my new Villars Coffee Crispies bar and Bubba was right there with big eyes trying to touch it and signing “More” emphatically.

Easter has came and went. We gave Bubba his first basket this year. I have been trying to think of what we did last year and I am truly drawing a complete blank. Oh! It just came to me while I was typing, even though I’ve been thinking about it off and on for a couple of days now. My family was visiting in an attempt to see the cherry blossoms and I made ham for dinner. There was no basket because he was so small and we were lacking energy. The last visit that they came for, my parents remembered to bring my old Easter basket for us to give to Lochlan. My siblings and I always used the same baskets year after year and I thought that was how everyone did it, but I’m seeing now a range in traditions. Some people even use pre-made baskets! Customized basket contents seem much more fun to me and worthwhile. This year Bubba got a number of toys and activities and only one chocolate bunny. We will probably up the Easter candy factor a bit next year, but for now he doesn’t eat much in the way of sweets. I’m also trying a little bit to keep more of the crazy food coloring choices out of his life so he won’t be as attached to them. We got peeps and chocolate eggs and all sorts of brightly colored things, but I know a lot of people with dye sensitivities. I thought it would be nice of Bubba has a bigger range of his palate than I did growing up. Hopefully it will help him make good food choices. Anyway, he got the chocolate bunny, a stuffed whaled to practice buckles and zippers (no buttons, sadly), Play Doh, beeswax crayons, GO! cards (which I won from a Facebook contest and I think I’m going to order the alphabet cards for him as well), bubbles for outside, bubblebath, and a little Ghostbusters character that Hubby ordered for him (a nod to his geekdom). Bubba has really been enjoying the whale and nibbling on his bunny. He does think it’s funny when we make the Stay Puffed do the Ghostbusters song, but it only plays a very short clip. The Play Doh was a bit of a flop because Bubba was more interested in playing with the container. I think we’ll give it another try or two, but if he doesn’t show much interest we’ll put it away for a couple of months.

We had an Easter bbq at the park instead of a more traditional dinner. We invited two families over with children who don’t have family in the area. One of the families ended up not coming which was a bit disappointing. The rest of us had a good time and enjoyed the food. Bubba and his 3 year old friend had a good time together. I really enjoyed watching them both play with the soda cans and water bottles in the cooler and then a bit later playing with the wood chips at the edge of the playground area. Bubbay is really growing up! For the most part before this they have either played separately or just near each other without interacting. Sometimes they would take toys from each other. It was great to see them doing a joint activity together and laughing. They’re going to be double trouble!

I don’t remember if I mentioned in my last post about the pediatrician visit that they recommended seeing an ophthalmologist to get Bubba’s eyes checked. This morning we got up and went to see the doctor for a two hour visit that entailed eye drops to dilate his eyes and lots of flashing lights through different lenses to see what his eyes would do. He was brilliant through the whole thing! Very patient and cooperative and he was great for the eye drops. I held him like I was nursing him or giving him a bottle and they held his lid open to put the drops in. They had to do three different drops and only on the last one did he make a peep. He did struggle a bit to get away, but I was expecting a lot more yelling and crying about it. I suppose maybe he’s been through worse so he didn’t think it was as bad as it could be. Once he had the drops we had to wait 40 minutes for them to do the dilating. Then he had another 20 minutes or so of doctors shining lights through different lenses. I think they were determining exactly what lens prescription would work best for him. One eye is worse than the other but the good news is that we caught it relatively early. The ophthalmologist said this sort of thing can lead to eyes crossing and eventually surgery if left untreated. The other good news is that as he grows and the eye gets better, the farsightedness will improve. There is a small chance the problem will go away altogether, but the idea that it will get better and not worse is great news. I’m a little bummed that he has another challenge and will have to wear glasses. I think I just need some time to adjust to the idea. I’m also disappointed to think that for however long he hasn’t been seeing things up close very clearly. What does the world look like to him? What does he see in the books when he is pointing out balls and cars and trucks to me? We will probably be going to the eye glasses place tomorrow to order his glasses. I’m hoping he takes to them well.

So, what is your Easter basket tradition or an alternative?

Did you have to wear glasses when you were younger or does your little one? How did they adjust?