Bubba said “Cheese” for the first time today! The last few days he has been saying “Dada,” mostly when prompted and will do a garbled version of “Mama” when prompted. It sounds more like he is saying Bubba than Mama because he won’t pronounce the mm sound for some reason. It’s actually very odd, because he generally says “mmmmmmm” when he is unhappy or trying to get our attention for something. Since he says Dada now, I’ve been prompting him to say it and then ask/sign for “help” or “more” instead of just signing those things. At lunch he was signing cheese and I asked him to say it. He actually did it right away! He sort of skips over the middle part and just blurs together “ch” and “zzz” but it’s super cute. He will also say “uh-oh” when prompted as well. I wish he was saying things without prompting but I’m feeling very encouraged that he is using vocal words and seeing the impact they have. Oh yes! I have also gotten him to say “bah” when I ask him to say ball, so I think that counts, too.

Last night I got frustrated with him not laying down to sleep and didn’t have the motivation to get him to sleep in our bed. Getting him to sleep in our bed is easy, but then I feel the need to let him sleep for a while before moving him to his bed and I didn’t want to deal with that. Usually he sleeps in the pack n play next to our bed, and I’ve been contemplating making him a floor bed for a while. The second bedroom is not in any shape to be his bedroom at this point and we are happy keeping everyone sleeping in one space. SO I took his pack n play bottom mat piece out and put it down on the floor with a yoga mat. I laid down with him and got him to sleep there and was pleased with it as an initial set up. We are still figuring out a few logistics because I would like for him to be able to access our bed independently and I would like a “gate” to keep the dogs from getting into his area. We have some temporary stuff working in those capacities but they are not ideal.

Our fourth of July camping trip was wonderful. Bubba had some good friends to play with. They were older and I was surprised by how much they wanted to play with him. Hubby and I got a good break because they were loving on him so much. He slept well and did good near the fire so it was a very nice trip. It did rain a bit, but we stayed mostly dry in our tent and under the cover at the picnic table. Here are a couple of pictures from our trip. Enjoy!