18 Months Welless Visit

Yesterday was Bubba’s check up at the pediatrician for turning 18 months. We were pleased he broke the 20 pound mark! I was secretly hoping he would surprise us and be more than 20, but alas he was 20.45 I think. The good news is that he is steadily increasing on the growth chart and keeping along a good curve of his own. He is now is the 6th percentile for weight. He wasn’t even on the growth chart at all for a long long time, so 6 is great. On the other hand, we are still dealing with the issue of his special high calorie formula. After switching insurance companies (not by our choice), we found out that the new insurance doesn’t want to cover any of his formula. If we pay out of pocket, it will be $126 a month that we were not paying before. He basically only drinks the formula, with a tiny bit of water or a few sips of juice here or there. He eats significantly better than he did when we first put him on the formula but to me he still doesn’t seem to be eating very much in general. Since he is still on a slow and steady increase in weight versus a huge upswing, we are hesitant to mess with what is working. The doctor and her staff were working on trying to get the insurance to cover the cost of the formula as a medical necessity yesterday. I haven’t heard any updates on it for today. The other negative thing is that they did a preliminary eye test on him with some special machine they have and determined that he may be farsighted. His doctor recommended that we take him to a pediatric ophthalmologist to be further evaluated. I am pretty down that we have another issue to be concerned with him. Granted, a lot of people have eye problems, and his dad wore glasses for a very long time (until eye surgery as an adult). My mom also had surgery for one of her eyes turning inward when she was two. So while it is relatively common, I am just tired of having one more thing to think about and wonder if it’s going to be something bigger. I really would like to go to a wellness check up and come away feeling great about everything. The good news is that we are now at the point of 6 months between wellness visits which is a big improvement over the amount of appointments for parents of newborns or special needs babies have.

I wrote an 18 month letter to Bubba to let him know how proud we are of him and what he is accomplishing in life at this point. I hope someday when he is older he will appreciate them or when he has kids of his own he will find it interesting to know what he was doing at certain stages. I have to go back and edit it because I forgot a few things! He gives kisses and blows kisses with Daddy quite freely right now. He loves giving Daddy kisses before bedtime and sometimes I get them, too. He is starting to do imaginary play now. He will pick up pretend in between two fingers and hand it to you several times. My mom was doing it back and forth with him several times during their visit about two weeks ago and it was adorable to watch. My other favorite thing that he does now is pulling my hands around him to hold him. He will grab my hands when he sits in my lap and put them around his waist. And not just one hand, but both! He will also doing it if we are laying down to cuddle before sleeping. It just melts my heart to know that he wants to be held and snuggled tight.

ImageWe took Hubby and I took Bubba in for his first haircut this week, too! He did really great, even for the clippers. When Hubby first put him down in the car seat at the barber shop he cried and I thought we were going to be doomed to hearing him cry the whole time. This lady sitting next to me started telling me how her son, now 11 and sitting calmly in the barber’s chair, used to cry and scream for his first several haircuts….. Not very helpful of her. Nevertheless, Bubba made us all happy when he started getting interested in a little VW bug with doors that opened and closed. Once he started playing with the toy the barber was able to snip freely and even pulled out the clippers with no reaction from Bubba. He looks very cute with his hair straight and trimmed across the back. The front is only a little shorter so part looks very similar to me. I spent some time later on that day trying to get a decent picture of the back but I’m not sure if any of them came out well. A lot of pictures of Bubba tend to be blurry. I will have to look and post them later if I find any good ones. Do you have any cute stories about first haircuts?

We had to return one of our Best Bottoms trainers (with the set of three liners) because the stitching was coming apart. I was not pleased to have to give it up since our stash of trainers is limited. They are much easier to use than trying to deal with putting diapers back on him, so I hope to get it replaced as soon as possible. We had three trainers with a total of 9 liners, which on a good day was fine, but on a bad day we needed to use alternate combinations of diapers, prefolds, etc on him. The elastic waist of the trainers makes it easier to just pull up and down (which is the whole point) instead of dealing with the snaps on his diaper covers and hoping things aren’t getting bunched up while putting them on. I’ve extended his time between potty times to 45 minutes which is does well with more often than not. He still isn’t letting us know when he needs to pee and sometimes gives us a hard time about sitting still on the potty. Some of it, I think, is him knowing he doesn’t have to do anything and not wanting to sit there when he could be playing. The pediatrician mentioned that we didn’t even need to think about potty training until at least two during our visit. I said we had already started a bit with him and it was going well. I thought it was a bit odd for the pediatrician to be bringing up potty training out of the blue. Seems completely not medically related (baring special circumstances, of course) to me. I suppose if the parents had concerns it would be natural to discuss it with the doctor, but I just thought it was odd for the doctor to bring it up. Oh well.


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