Potty Training OutfitPutting a toddler on the potty every 30 minutes is a bit tedious. And all the hand washing is drying out my skin and nails…. On the plus side he has stayed dry a lot longer than the other days with our somewhat more relaxed schedule.

Bubba’s typical day at home clothes are now trainers with leggings and a shirt. I’m sure someday he will love to see what kind of horrible outfits his mother dressed him in.

Happy 18 Months little man!


One thought on “Timing

  1. Potty training is so time consuming. I started potty training my son at 2 years old. He picked it up for a little while but once he turned 3 was when he finally became vocal about having to use the bathroom and he would wake up with a dry pull up every morning. Now he wear underwear and is fully potty training! Yay! It feels like the biggest accomplishment when your child is off diapers :).

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