Awake After Midnight

I couldn’t sleep, so I got up to finish working on the tags for our consignment sale items. Apparently the system goes down for maintenance between 12 and 12:15AM….. Just my luck. I got a few more tagged but I’m clearly not getting done before tomorrow since I’ve lost my mojo. Fortunately I am starting to feel a bit tired, so perhaps I might be able to fall asleep when I go lay back down.

I found another blog on here about parenting a preemie and contemplating pregnancy after that whole bit of craziness. Fortunately for me, I guess, her story is a even more stressful than ours since their little one was a micropreemie and the whole thing was unexpected. I suppose I may post my birth story on here for Bubba soon. I think this may be a good forum to share it with. I enjoy reading other people’s birth stories so I have thought about putting ours out there. I don’t want any negativity or drama to come from sharing it with friends or family, so I haven’t yet.

I think this is getting a bit off centered and I’m having trouble focusing my thoughts. I’m going to give sleeping another shot. Being up so late is especially troublesome since my sleep is a precious commodity that I can never be guaranteed.


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