Poop Talk


Best Bottom Trainers

Since Bubba was a preemie, had Failure to Thrive, and we’re potty training “early” it seems to be nearly impossible to find appropriately fitted training pants for him to use! I’d rather avoid disposable pull ups and, while we’ve started with diapers, the snaps and bulk with diapers make it very difficult to use. Lately he prefers standing up for changes (after using the potty) or it turns into me being a diaper changing ninja on moving toddler. His current favorite bathroom activity is emptying the little potty into the toilet and playing with the flushing handle on the big toilet. Getting dressed again pales in comparison.

Hah, that reminds me! Today he pooped on the floor. Other than poop smeared on the rim of the potty none of it ended up where it belonged. He started in the diaper and then, after getting tired of sitting on his potty, he got up and played with the toilet. When I was trying to convince him to put his clothes back on (assuming he had finished) he started squatting on the floor….. and the rest is history.

We are trying the Best Bottom Training Pants on him now. They fit overall, but his legs are thin compared to the size of the leg opening. If they had more stretch, it would be fine I imagine. However, they’re not snug so if he ends up with a lot going on down there I can see stuff leaking out the leg holes. We only bought one set which includes the “pant” and three inserts. The small says 20 – 28 lbs so I was hoping they would work. I’m pretty sure he is 20 pounds, but he is a thin 20 pounder which makes all the difference. For now I’m just going to do a bit of a test run with the three inserts that we have before ordering more.  I wanted to get the Gerber Training Pants since they’re relatively cheap and I thought I would be able to see more easily when he wet in them. However, the smallest they run only starts out at 24lbs which is definitely too big.

He gets that the potty is for peeing, but he doesn’t have any concept of holding it in or attempting to go to the potty on his own at the moment. He will use the potty more often than not when I set him on it which is good progress. The last day or two has been discouraging since he has deciding playing with the toilet is more enticing than sitting still on the little potty. I guess we just keep working on it!


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