Migrated from 2.23.14

I picked hooping back up at the beginning of January after taking a couple of years of after my last class. I didn’t know a lot of tricks so I lost motivation. I found a Hoopnotica class at a local rec center and I was thrilled to have found a different class to learn new things. I already knew how to waist hoop, although my dominant direction was obviously stronger. I could also pass it around my body and do the halo above my head. I could also hoop on my hands in front of my body and to the side. I knew the logistics of picking the hoop up from waist hooping to halo but I needed more work. I’ve improved on that although sometimes I still do it too slowly which makes it stall and will twist my hand. I learned doing the pass around my body move around my legs (or lifting one leg up and only going around one) and up over my head. I’ve gotten hip hooping down,  although I’m much stronger in my dominant direction,  and can move from waist hooping to hip hooping. From all of the drops during learning hip hooping I’ve been picking up knee hooping.  I’ve started working with 2 hoops at once doing hand tricks and just this last Saturday I started waist hooping with a big hoop and using a smaller one to do the halo simultaneously. From watching YouTube videos I picked up simple weaves which I am still getting to be more fluid but they are fun. We learned the Mandala in our Saturday class and I’ve semi been working on the Escalator. Personally I think it should be called tornado!  On a side note,  Hubby picked that up quicker than me! The other thing that I’m not sure of the name that I can do is leaning forward while waist hooping to tilt the hoop down. I’m working on spinning around inside the hoop while doing that. Other basic stuff is that I can turn inside the hoop while waist hooping, walk forward and back while waist hooping, do squats and lunges while waist hooping, and finding the space with my hands.


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