Migrated from 3.12.14

Bubba has learned that going outside is fun. We have taken a lot of walks (where he was actually walking instead of observing from the Ergo) recently and explored the back yard. Today he was signing more and whining. When I asked him to “Show me,” he trekked over to the coat closet and indicated he wanted it open. I opened it and he got out his shoes. We got dressed and went out for a short walk and now he has been out THREE times today. He asked again a fourth time but it was later, dark, and rainy so we said no, much to his dismay.

He walks almost everywhere himself now, as opposed to us carrying him for diaper changes, to his high chair, etc. I removed the tray from his high chair and moved it up to the table so he can eat right next to the rest of us. He has the ability to get in and out on his own which gives him a great sense of independence. When I go upstairs now, he is quite adamant about being up there with me (instead of stuck on the other side of the gate). He likes to open the dryer door and add clothes or move them into the basket to be folded. Over the last few days he had taken the notion that he will not follow me promptly downstairs when I announce that I am leaving. If I wait on the landing to see if he is following me, he will continue playing or expressly walk away. When I actually go downstairs he will start to follow but gets caught up in trying to swing the gate closed. Since he can’t latch it himself and I actually don’t want him playing unsupervised up there I have to go back up and latch it. Sometimes he is fine with that and sometimes he sees me coming back and tries to rush back past the gate to play. He gets quite frustrated when I force him to stay on my side of the gate. After he realizes crying isn’t going to change my mind he will follow me down the stairs. Sometimes he is a speed racer sliding down on his belly without even pausing on each step. Within the last few days he has started doing steps while upright and alternating legs (while holding a hand of course since his legs are short)!

He thinks the dishwasher is incredibly interesting. I have been working with him about not trying to climb into the dishwasher. If there are spoons I give him those to put in the holder. Occasionally he hands me other things from the bottom tray. He is in charge of closing the soap holder and closing the door when it is loaded. Of course I frequently still try to do the dishes when he is not around because I just want it done or I don’t want to deal with him handling dirty dishes.

Surprisingly he fell asleep on his own for the first time ever this week. I nursed him for nap time and he didn’t settle. I tried cuddling him and he kept hitting my face or poking me. When I got frustrated and left him to sit by myself in the glider he stayed relatively content. I was amazed when he lay quietly and played with his hands and feet until he slept. Shocking and wonderful.

Just a few slices of life with our 17 month old. Less than a month until we have a little boy who is a year and a half!


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