Bubba Bullets


Migrated from 1.15.14

-Bubba wakes up and immediately wonders where the dogs are. This morning (and others) he sat up in bed, looked around, and signed dog repeatedly.

-Bubba was playing around on the bed and, inevitably, started towards Hubby’s night stand. We are working on “No” so I said “No, that’s Daddy’s” and observed him closely. He sat right there looking everything over and pointed at the twoTY bears and signed dog.

-At breakfast time, Bubba had his Doidy cup with 4oz of formula. He had maybe half while I was holding it for him and the other half he neatly drank on his own. He picked up the cup with two hands, tipped it just the right amount, and either put it down or handed it back to me at least 5 or 6 times! 


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