No Pressure

 Migrated from 1.11.14

First post, no pressure. I have been missing some of the comminity feel from Xanga and feeling frustrated with all of the nonsense and negativity on Facebook. For now I am testing out this Tumblr thing to see if I enjoy it. Its not like I have a ton of time for blogging, so I am honestly not sure what I can expext to get out of this. I am also still on the fence about how to deal with the people in my life that want to be all over my social network to be nosey and use the content against me at later points. I can’t exactly make friends on a new blogging site with strict privacy settings. I also don’t want to feel like I need to censor what I say. For now I will post in anonymity to those others in my life.

In other news , I clearly need a better keyboard or the use of my laptop over this tablet touch pad for blogging!


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