Migrated from 1.14.14.

Del Ray Sky

Picture taken in the old town area this evening where Bubba’s music class takes place.

This afternoon Hubby, Bubba, and I went to the baby music class for the second week. The little man was only in observational mode for the first half of the class this time, instead of 95% of the hour. After he finished watching everything from the safety of our laps, he decided investigating other people’s belongings was the best use of his time while only occasionally being slightly distracted with the musical instruments and dancing around. He is a funny boy and curious about the world around him. I am excited for the time when he starts interacting more with other children. He will accept toys from others, particularly if he has been hanging around with them for a while, but I have not really seen him take toys or participate very much with other kids activities. In fact, just yesterday we were visiting with friends and he was getting a little upset when the other little person was shutting him into the play house with her. She is quite used to a lot of interaction because she has an older sister and is not phased by all of this movement around and with one another.

Nonetheless I am interested to see how he progresses with this class for the next several weeks and I am glad we signed him up for something like this that will give him more “socialization” with others close in age to him.


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