Today was the pre-sale for a local consignment sale that we are consigning things in. It is our first time consigning things (we’ll see how it pans out before we decide if it’s worth the effort to do it again) and one of the perks is access to the pre-sale the day before the regular sale for the general public. Bubba now has a selection of clothes to wear for the summer and plenty of two piece pajamas sets for our potty training experience. He also has Crocs, in lieu of rain boots which I couldn’t find, a rain coat, and some awesome new toys. I was super excited to find not one, but two, Bruder trucks for good prices. Both of which regularly retails for around $45 to $50 and I got for $8 and $12! He is now the proud owner of the cement mixer and probably for Easter will be getting the logging truck. They’re not exactly for his age range so I have to make sure he’ll be okay with them. I want to be sure he is going to take good care of them or they will be put away for a while. I also scored a Pound a Peg from Melissa and Doug, a collapsible tunnel, two new board books, and a Little People boat with the people – all of which are more age appropriate for him. So, other than a chocolate bunny, I think his Easter basket is going to be all set! This will be his first basket. We weren’t up to doing one last year since it seemed a bit silly to be giving a five month old his own basket for Easter.

My parents came down to visit for the weekend and my mom brought our old potty that she apparently had hidden in the garage since I had mentioned getting a second one for Bubba. It’s a bit grungy from being through three kids and sitting in the garage for twenty plus years, but I wiped it down and set it up next to his current one to see what he thought. This one has a flip lid like a bigger toilet. His current potty is the Baby Bjorn potty chair with no lid. When he is done using it I have him lift the lid and the seat of the big toilet, pick up the bowl of his potty and dump the contents in the toilet (which he enjoys immensely). When he saw the new potty sitting next to his current one, he picked the lid up and took the (empty) bowl from his other potty to pretend he was dumping it from one to the other! It was pretty cute. I’m not sure what he will think of using the new one because the bowl doesn’t lift out the same was the Bjorn does. It has to slide out the back which I imagine will be problematic considering we enlist his help with emptying it into the toilet. We’ll see how it goes.

Well, I’m signing off for now. We have a big day of sight seeing tomorrow while the family is visiting. Yes, despite the rain…. We may be a bit soggy.


Awake After Midnight

I couldn’t sleep, so I got up to finish working on the tags for our consignment sale items. Apparently the system goes down for maintenance between 12 and 12:15AM….. Just my luck. I got a few more tagged but I’m clearly not getting done before tomorrow since I’ve lost my mojo. Fortunately I am starting to feel a bit tired, so perhaps I might be able to fall asleep when I go lay back down.

I found another blog on here about parenting a preemie and contemplating pregnancy after that whole bit of craziness. Fortunately for me, I guess, her story is a even more stressful than ours since their little one was a micropreemie and the whole thing was unexpected. I suppose I may post my birth story on here for Bubba soon. I think this may be a good forum to share it with. I enjoy reading other people’s birth stories so I have thought about putting ours out there. I don’t want any negativity or drama to come from sharing it with friends or family, so I haven’t yet.

I think this is getting a bit off centered and I’m having trouble focusing my thoughts. I’m going to give sleeping another shot. Being up so late is especially troublesome since my sleep is a precious commodity that I can never be guaranteed.

Poop Talk


Best Bottom Trainers

Since Bubba was a preemie, had Failure to Thrive, and we’re potty training “early” it seems to be nearly impossible to find appropriately fitted training pants for him to use! I’d rather avoid disposable pull ups and, while we’ve started with diapers, the snaps and bulk with diapers make it very difficult to use. Lately he prefers standing up for changes (after using the potty) or it turns into me being a diaper changing ninja on moving toddler. His current favorite bathroom activity is emptying the little potty into the toilet and playing with the flushing handle on the big toilet. Getting dressed again pales in comparison.

Hah, that reminds me! Today he pooped on the floor. Other than poop smeared on the rim of the potty none of it ended up where it belonged. He started in the diaper and then, after getting tired of sitting on his potty, he got up and played with the toilet. When I was trying to convince him to put his clothes back on (assuming he had finished) he started squatting on the floor….. and the rest is history.

We are trying the Best Bottom Training Pants on him now. They fit overall, but his legs are thin compared to the size of the leg opening. If they had more stretch, it would be fine I imagine. However, they’re not snug so if he ends up with a lot going on down there I can see stuff leaking out the leg holes. We only bought one set which includes the “pant” and three inserts. The small says 20 – 28 lbs so I was hoping they would work. I’m pretty sure he is 20 pounds, but he is a thin 20 pounder which makes all the difference. For now I’m just going to do a bit of a test run with the three inserts that we have before ordering more.  I wanted to get the Gerber Training Pants since they’re relatively cheap and I thought I would be able to see more easily when he wet in them. However, the smallest they run only starts out at 24lbs which is definitely too big.

He gets that the potty is for peeing, but he doesn’t have any concept of holding it in or attempting to go to the potty on his own at the moment. He will use the potty more often than not when I set him on it which is good progress. The last day or two has been discouraging since he has deciding playing with the toilet is more enticing than sitting still on the little potty. I guess we just keep working on it!


Migrated from 3.12.14

Bubba has learned that going outside is fun. We have taken a lot of walks (where he was actually walking instead of observing from the Ergo) recently and explored the back yard. Today he was signing more and whining. When I asked him to “Show me,” he trekked over to the coat closet and indicated he wanted it open. I opened it and he got out his shoes. We got dressed and went out for a short walk and now he has been out THREE times today. He asked again a fourth time but it was later, dark, and rainy so we said no, much to his dismay.

He walks almost everywhere himself now, as opposed to us carrying him for diaper changes, to his high chair, etc. I removed the tray from his high chair and moved it up to the table so he can eat right next to the rest of us. He has the ability to get in and out on his own which gives him a great sense of independence. When I go upstairs now, he is quite adamant about being up there with me (instead of stuck on the other side of the gate). He likes to open the dryer door and add clothes or move them into the basket to be folded. Over the last few days he had taken the notion that he will not follow me promptly downstairs when I announce that I am leaving. If I wait on the landing to see if he is following me, he will continue playing or expressly walk away. When I actually go downstairs he will start to follow but gets caught up in trying to swing the gate closed. Since he can’t latch it himself and I actually don’t want him playing unsupervised up there I have to go back up and latch it. Sometimes he is fine with that and sometimes he sees me coming back and tries to rush back past the gate to play. He gets quite frustrated when I force him to stay on my side of the gate. After he realizes crying isn’t going to change my mind he will follow me down the stairs. Sometimes he is a speed racer sliding down on his belly without even pausing on each step. Within the last few days he has started doing steps while upright and alternating legs (while holding a hand of course since his legs are short)!

He thinks the dishwasher is incredibly interesting. I have been working with him about not trying to climb into the dishwasher. If there are spoons I give him those to put in the holder. Occasionally he hands me other things from the bottom tray. He is in charge of closing the soap holder and closing the door when it is loaded. Of course I frequently still try to do the dishes when he is not around because I just want it done or I don’t want to deal with him handling dirty dishes.

Surprisingly he fell asleep on his own for the first time ever this week. I nursed him for nap time and he didn’t settle. I tried cuddling him and he kept hitting my face or poking me. When I got frustrated and left him to sit by myself in the glider he stayed relatively content. I was amazed when he lay quietly and played with his hands and feet until he slept. Shocking and wonderful.

Just a few slices of life with our 17 month old. Less than a month until we have a little boy who is a year and a half!


Migrated from 2.23.14

I picked hooping back up at the beginning of January after taking a couple of years of after my last class. I didn’t know a lot of tricks so I lost motivation. I found a Hoopnotica class at a local rec center and I was thrilled to have found a different class to learn new things. I already knew how to waist hoop, although my dominant direction was obviously stronger. I could also pass it around my body and do the halo above my head. I could also hoop on my hands in front of my body and to the side. I knew the logistics of picking the hoop up from waist hooping to halo but I needed more work. I’ve improved on that although sometimes I still do it too slowly which makes it stall and will twist my hand. I learned doing the pass around my body move around my legs (or lifting one leg up and only going around one) and up over my head. I’ve gotten hip hooping down,  although I’m much stronger in my dominant direction,  and can move from waist hooping to hip hooping. From all of the drops during learning hip hooping I’ve been picking up knee hooping.  I’ve started working with 2 hoops at once doing hand tricks and just this last Saturday I started waist hooping with a big hoop and using a smaller one to do the halo simultaneously. From watching YouTube videos I picked up simple weaves which I am still getting to be more fluid but they are fun. We learned the Mandala in our Saturday class and I’ve semi been working on the Escalator. Personally I think it should be called tornado!  On a side note,  Hubby picked that up quicker than me! The other thing that I’m not sure of the name that I can do is leaning forward while waist hooping to tilt the hoop down. I’m working on spinning around inside the hoop while doing that. Other basic stuff is that I can turn inside the hoop while waist hooping, walk forward and back while waist hooping, do squats and lunges while waist hooping, and finding the space with my hands.

Passing By

Migrated from 1.26.14

Time gets by me so quickly anymore. I truly have to pick and choose what to “accomplish” for my day and sometimes it is merely getting dressed and providing meals. To be sure I have significantly more time as Bubba gets older. I am still grateful for each shower I can take nowadays without checking in with hubby. For a long time, we would ask each other “Are you ok if I take a shower?” The little man was just so much work for such a long time. Even now, with his independence and curiosity growing each day, I am very happy he plays self sufficiently for relatively long periods of time. I marvel as he confidently toddles around the house because those days of holding him for hours on end are still so fresh and near. On top of the difficulty of his pregnancy and birth, the whole first year was one of the most draining experiences of our lives.

I have been enjoying The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, working here and there on an afghan, baking and meal planning periodically, and even blogging somewhat sporadically. I am taking a hooping class on Saturdays and I can go to the store sometimes for as long as I want. I am halfway through Bubba’s photobook on Shutterfly. Sometimes I still help out at the bakery and occasionally I see friends. But I can only do one or maybe two things a day. Doing things outside of the house requires a lot of coordination and motivation I often don’t have. I am still trying to find my new even keel and feel fulfilled with myself, my marriage, and as a mother. I am trying to figure out who I can be with so many things taking from me.

It’s rough but fulfilling in ways I never imagined. I feel like myself but I also feel stretched thin. The world is forever changed but it continues on as it always had.

Bubba Bullets


Migrated from 1.15.14

-Bubba wakes up and immediately wonders where the dogs are. This morning (and others) he sat up in bed, looked around, and signed dog repeatedly.

-Bubba was playing around on the bed and, inevitably, started towards Hubby’s night stand. We are working on “No” so I said “No, that’s Daddy’s” and observed him closely. He sat right there looking everything over and pointed at the twoTY bears and signed dog.

-At breakfast time, Bubba had his Doidy cup with 4oz of formula. He had maybe half while I was holding it for him and the other half he neatly drank on his own. He picked up the cup with two hands, tipped it just the right amount, and either put it down or handed it back to me at least 5 or 6 times!